Librai Antiquari a Venezia 2024

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The Antiquarian Booksellers Association of Italy and Antica Stamperia Armena are organizing the Venice Antiquarian Book Fair, an event that will take place February 23, 24 and 25 in Palazzo Pisani-Revedin in Venice.
The Fair, held annually in the beautiful and historic City of Venice, brings together many exhibitors specialising in rare books, first editions, maps, prints and manuscripts from all over Europe.
The Fair is sponsored by: Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, Ateneo Veneto, Fondazione Archivio Vittorio Cini,, Nova Charta, Studium.

Palazzo Pisani Revedin, Campo Manin, Venezia

Friday 23 February 2024
h. 14,00 / 19,00
Saturday 24 February 2024
h. 10,00 / 19,00
Sunday 25 February 2024
h. 10,00 / 17,00

€ 5,00

Alessandro Borgato (Italia)
Alfea Libreria antiquaria (Italia)
Daniel Crouch Rare Books Ltd (UK)
Gabriele Maspero Libri Antichi (Italia)
Giuseppe Solmi Studio Bibliografico (Italia)
Il Muro di Tessa Libreria antiquaria (Italia)
Il Polifilo Libri Rari (Italia)
Librairie Jousseaume (Francia)
Libreria antiquaria Coenobium (Italia)
Libreria antiquaria Ex Libris (Italia)
Libreria antiquaria Xodo (Italia)
Libreria Piani (Italia)
Librerie Walden (Francia)
MC Rare Books (Olanda)
Matthaeus Truppe Bookseller (Austria)
Mayfair Rare Books (Irlanda)
Meda Riquier Rare Books (Uk)
Old Times Libreria Antiquaria (Italia)
Scriptorium Studio bibliografico (Italia)
Studio bibliografico Zanfrognini (Italia)
White Lands Rare Books (Italia)
Wonderland on Paper (Austria)


During the Venice Antiquarian Book Fair, the ALAI will present an exhibition of decorated bookbinding papers, made between the 18th and 19th centuries and coming from some private collections. This exhibition will be curated by the Association and will be ideally connected to the showing that has just been set up at the Biblioteca Marciana, one of the most important libraries in Italy. The Association will show at Palazzo Pisani-Revedin xylographed, gilt, marbled and finally 'glued' papers. In the 18th century, decorated papers were used for both the outside and inside of bindings and made it possible to bind books elegantly and with vivid effects at low cost. When this fashion exploded, a product that was born with cheap characteristics became a coveted object for all social classes. An attractive antique product, a handcrafted creation that could never be duplicated, it thus overcame the seriality in which the printed book was imprisoned.


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